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We offer the collaboration on the next criteria:

1.Refer program.

This program represents the attraction of a new visitor and you get rewards for this.
Now we will explain stage-by-stage how to become a partner.

  1. It is necessary to register in our online shop.
  2. In the personal cabinet in the "refer program" section you can get the unique reference, everyone will have the individual reference.
  3. Share the reference to our goods everywhere except those websites that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  4. The refer reference operates only on the sale of playing currency, doesn't refer to the keys and codes.
  5. From the sum of every purchase, you get 5 %, the amount of extra charges you can see in the table in the "refer program" section. The payment is made by you at anycomfortable for you time on the accounts of WebMoney, QIWI or YandexMoney. Because of our best prices, there can be a huge amount of orders that will alow you to earn stably.
  6. The minimum sum of payments is 100 roubles.

2. Advertisement for you.

If you have your own online shop, fan website, communities in the different social networks, forums, you are a blogger and you have the channel, we are ready to work with you on the mutually beneficial terms with a great pleasure, placing for you the text information, banners or video. For a collaboration report us the theme of your website or channel, the address of your website or channel, and also the attendance of your website or channel.

3. Competition for our account.

If you plan to hold competitions, tournaments or smth other related to FIFA but didn't find a sponsor, we are ready to become him with pleasure. For this, you need to write where will be held the competition his rules and prize fund.

Contact us on e-mail info@freezbie.com . We will consider all your questions and suggestions and will answer you in the nearest time.