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How after payment, go to the correspondence on the order?

When buying coins on your site, can I get a ban or canceling my account?

We have been working in this area for many years and are doing everything possible to transfer coins in different, but safe ways. Before using any method for transferring coins to a client, we test it on our accounts. At the same time, we must inform you that the purchase and sale of game currency for real money is FORBIDDEN by the rules of the FIFA game. Buying coins, you violate the rules of the game and may be punished for this. We are not EA and we can guarantee 100% nothing like anyone else, so when buying coins you must be aware of all of the above and understand that the responsibility for buying coins lies only with you.

How can I get coins?

We transfer coins as follows:

Player's auction - coins are transferred by auction, we inform you how to put the player (s) on the transfer market, and then redeem them. Thus, the coins are credited to your account.

Comfort Trade - you MUST work the transfer market in the web application. After payment you provide us with data from origin (email from origin, password from origin, backup codes in origin) and we will replenish your account.

How long will my order be completed?

The order is completed within an hour, depending on the workload at the moment. The average lead time is 10-15 minutes. If the order is large, the delivery time can be checked with the operator in the chat.

What should I do if I have already paid for the order, but did not choose the correct fifu and platform?
You need to contact our manager in your account in correspondence on request and he will solve the problem.

What should I do if my payment on the site fails?
If for some reason your payment does not go through, in the contacts section you can always see our identified wallets and transfer directly from wallet to wallet, having previously contacted the operator in the chat.

There is a tax in the game, 5% is removed from any sales at the auction, do you compensate for it?

Yes, we compensate the EA commission, in this regard, we hope for a positive feedback from you.

What time can I make a purchase?
You can pay for the order at any time convenient for you. Orders for game currency made during non-working hours will be executed the next day from 9.00 to 23.00 Moscow time. This does not apply to keys and codes. After payment, they appear immediately in your account and are duplicated to your e-mail specified during registration.

How can I clarify the availability of game currency?
The availability of game currency you can always check with our operator in the chat. If no coins are available, then at the beginning of placing an order you will be informed about this by the inscription: "NOT AVAILABLE".

If the chat operator answers for a long time, where should I go?
In the "contacts" section, you can contact us in any way convenient for you.